CEO Greeting

Creative Technology

Provide integrated solutions for plastic injection molding,
electronic devices and industrial hardware”

These days, IoT-based products are viewed as an important industrial trend. Under such circumstances, the company seeks to provide intelligent suggestions to meet and surpass customers’ needs in advance, manufacture products by engaging in the process of materialization and provide customized solutions after communicating with customers while continuously investing in R&D in order to supply IoT-based solutions for managing enclosure points according to various industrial conditions, instead of producing simple manual locking devices.

Our solutions regarding automotive electronic devices, technology for the molding of modulated plastic goods and technology capacity regarding reliable terminating hardware will certainly provide the help and assistance that companies needing them require and desire.

Components using engineering plastic, in particular, are very popular in various fields because they satisfy current worldwide trends and all conditions for reducing weight, improving functions and lowering prices. If those components are durable, they will be more attractive.

As an official agency of Southco, we can provide customized touch point solutions, such as electronic functional locking devices, location-control solutions (friction hinges) and fasteners that can be accessed just with 1/4 rotation, which can make your products much more attractive to consumers.

All workers of Costech will do their best to make products needed by you and provide the support you require.