Clamping Part

Clamping Components

●T-nut ●clamp ●eccentric clamping components ●clamping screw ●horizontal clamping components ●location sensor
●vertical clamping components ●clamping washer ●clamping nut ●supporting components ●centering clamping components ●clamping device ●clamping plate ●precise slot nut

Are you looking for clamping systems which are essential elements for making machines and jigs in order to reduce the vibration of products that occurs while doing processing and to achieve more precise processing? If you give us 2D or 3D drawings, we will recommend reliable clamping designs of products and clamping items. We have improved precision and durability through processing even small parts, instead of casting them. The engineer team of the head office that has abundant experience is always standing by to help you.

Lines including more than 7,000 components
Products and goods made by the company
All components in the catalog are available
Customized design is possible to satisfy customers’ needs.
People can download 2D and 3D CAD files from the web site through DVD or internet and use them.
Product lines are continuously increasing through company development..
DIN EN ISO 9001 certificate
EN 9100 certificate