Jig Part

Machine and jig components

●spring plunger ●single-span ball locking pin ●ball caster ●index plunger/ index bolt ●handles with screws / projecting pad ●location sensor●side spring plunger ●oil level gauge ●locking components ●leveling pad/fulcrum screw ●plain washer ●location pin and pad ●sealing plug ●lifting pin ●push plunger ●swing bolt

These are essential components for manufacturing machines and jigs. In the case of spring plungers, we have prepared products of various sizes in meters and inches. There are items made with various materials, such as acetal, plastic, zinc alloy, steel and stainless steel. If the existing items had a stiffness problem, our design will guarantee more precision and better durability based on our various test data.

Lines including more than 7,000 components
Products and goods made by the company
All components in the catalog are available
Customized design is possible to satisfy customers’ needs
People can download 2D and 3D CAD files from the web site through DVD or internet and use them
Product lines are continuously increasing through company development
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