Speedy Block

Vertical series

Vertical series

The holding direction and the lever move in the same direction. When power is added, the handle will turn toward the vertical direction. The series of light version in the catalog can support power of 75daN~875daN. In comparison, the heavy version can support 1000~3000daN. The heavy version is used for heavy tension. The clamp of this series is easily dismantled and can be reused easily according to individual conditions.

Features and advantages

- The clamp and the handle are welded.
- All pivots were reinforced and passed through grinders.
- Red, ergonomic and oil-resistant handle.
- Clamp arm guide is adjustable.


-In general, the series with long life is used for carpentering needing high clamp pressure or accompanying powerful movements, welding or medium or strong clamping work.

Toggle mechanism

-This has the same features and applications as the previous vertical reinforced series. This mechanism is designed to be multi-talented and to be bonded to various parts and accessories and to make your clamps suitable for all types of clamping needs.

Horizontal series

Horizontal series

The handle is lifted and moved to the right direction for operation. When the adjustment lever is horizontal, the clamp moves no more. The clamp can endure pressure of 40daN~620daN.

Rotational movement of the adjustment lever changes to straight movement of a stick to apply pressure. Excluding 120/AS and 300/ASmodels, this series moves through being pushed or pulled. Whereas the light model is good for 80~720daN, the heavy model is good for 120~4500daN.

Latch series

Latch series

Rotational movement of the adjustment lever changes to straight movement of a stick. This model mostly is used for fixing caps with hinges and boxes. This model can be used for 160~750daN and the heavy model can be used for 1700~4000daN. The push bar is adjustable within the range of stroke.

It prevents accidental opening. If a device should be installed in places where undesired opening can happen because of strong stress or vibration, it should be safely fixed with this latch.

Series for repeated work

Repeated plastic molding should be quickly and repeatedly opened and closed safely at high temperature of 240~300 degrees. In this respect, we developed a proper model for such work.

Pneumatic series

- This model was made combining the powerful closing performance of the toggle brand and advantages of a device using air pressure.
- This provides clamping of fixed pressure regardless of operation of the facility.
- It can make several clamps work at the same time.
- It can be operated with a remote control.
- Some versions can operate following the user’s instructions using a magnet cylinder.